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Finanspolitiska rådet
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Background reports I
The Council publishes papers on various aspects of fiscal policy. Some of them are written in English. To stimulate discussion on the 2009 papers, the Council organised two conferences, on the 2nd and the 11th of June. The first conference addressed three issues:

Finanskrisen och den svenska krishanteringen under hösten 2008/vintern 2009
Clas Bergström, Professor of Financial Economics at Stockholm School of Economics.  SlidesPDF
Comments: Kerstin Hessius, CEO at AP3.
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Net wealth analysis and long-term fiscal policymaking
Per Molander, Mapsec. SlidesPDF
Comments: Mats Persson, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University.
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An evaluation of selected reforms to education and labour market policy in Sweden
Mikael Lindahl, Associate Professor of Economics at Uppsala University. SlidesPDF
Comments: Anders Björklund, Professor of Economics at Stockholm University. SlidesPDF
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